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Children develop differently. Our courses for parents help you find the key to your child’s seeking mind, creating happy and confident young lives.

All our courses lead to a nationally recognised qualification for parents, awarded by Ofqual, the UK Government agency responsible for examination and qualification assessment.




We are an approved Gateway Qualifications Centre. This is a UK Awarding body that recognises the value of informal learning. The course content and delivery for How Babies Learn and How Children Learn has been awarded the CANparent Quality Mark, the UK Government’s network for parenting skills development.


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Sandra Nunes Vaz

Sandra first developed her interest in what makes children tick whilst managing the interactive hands-on galleries at the Science Museum in London. Seeing their enthusiasm for learning (sometimes absent in the traditional classroom setting), started her along a journey of discovery about how children learn. She researched and wrote ‘How Children Learn’, a course for parents, carers and education professionals back in 2002 and has been adapting and delivering it continuously ever since. The development of the ‘How Babies Learn’ course in 2009, was in response to a need identified by local SureStart Children’s Centres. Sandy has an eighteen year old son and a fifteen year old daughter. 

Course Director

Cata Parishwain

Previously heading up young people’s charity, The Prince’s Trust, in Norfolk, Cata signed up to the children’s course as a participant to help her support her children with their homework and general learning. ‘I also hated those frequent fraught mornings trying to get kids to school and me to work, feeling like I could have handled it much better if I just knew how we could stop repeating the same patterns.’ ‘Hand in Hand Learning really brought the extensive knowledge that I had about young people together in a way that made sense in my own home & enabled me to make practical changes that altered my relationship with my children.’ Cata decided it was so effective that she is now one of the team who help other parents learn how to best support their kids and reclaim a trusted respectful relationship through really understanding how their own specific child’s brain works. 


Kate Munro

As a mother of 3 young children, Kate has become fascinated by the development of their characters and minds, particularly through music and creative play. As a participant, Kate found both the ‘How Children Learn’ and ‘How Babies Learn’ courses incredibly useful and interesting and she was delighted to be asked to deliver the baby course in September 2010. Kate also works as an artist, making large outdoor sculptures and running workshops and education projects for children and community groups. 


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