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Entertaining Babies by Joanna

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As a Mum, I found it hard to be inspired with ideas for activities and games when I am exhausted. My name is Joanna McKenna, I qualified as a doctor but now work part time after taking maternity leave to look after my twin boys. What I wanted was a completely free website that you do not need to sign up to with ideas for games to play at home or in the park.

I could not believe that this information was not out there in a simple to use resource. So after many conversations with friends, parents and grandparents (and numerous cups of tea and cake) I decided to set up the website – entertaining babies.

I was absolutely delighted when Sandra from Hand in Hand Learning asked me to do a guest blog for her website. This website is one of the best websites I have ever seen and has an immense wealth of information all about promoting baby and child development through fun. When you are young learning is fun – everything your baby experiences from the moment they open their eyes in the morning can be a new experience. By helping them appreciate these new experiences you will end up with a well-rounded happy child who enjoys learning because it is fun. Here at entertaining babies we are all about fun ideas for babies and children to promote development.

It is so easy to play with your child. Due to their young age everything around them is wonderful and can fill their imagination. Do you remember when you were young? Just how fascinating life was, how watching a ladybird could keep you entertained for much longer than it would now.

Children learn through play and it couldn’t be easier to help them with this.

Here are a few ideas that you can try with your children even when you are busy:

If you are sorting out the laundry give your toddler the socks – see if he/she can match the pairs. If they get them wrong, don’t worry – put them together anyway and sort them out another time – he/she will feel so grown up just for helping you and it will help them with their pattern recognition.

If you have a 3-4 year old and need some peace while you get dinner ready, instead of turning to the television bring them into the kitchen with you – ask them about your ingredients do they know where the vegetables come from. If you are chopping / cooking try to help them with their coordination by giving them a bowl, chopsticks and some raisins. They have to use the chopsticks to get all the raisins into the bowl (you might not have many left at the end). It is a great way to help their coordination and let then have a healthy snack at the same time.

If you are washing up in the kitchen let them have a small tub of water, a paint brush and some newspaper – they will enjoy painting with water which will be easy to clean up!

There are lots more ideas on our website, please do take a look:

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