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How Babies Learn will answer questions all parents ask themselves: ‘How do I build a strong and loving relationship with my baby?’ or ‘Can I “spoil” my baby by lavishing too much attention on them?’

How Babies Learn shares recent findings about how the brain takes in information during the developmental stages of their early years. We take you through clear and simple examples, so that you understand more about how a newborn’s thought patterns and emotional development influence early years learning and beyond.

In six simple sessions our course will take you through the essentials to help you get to know your baby’s learning preferences. Enabling you to respond to your baby’s development with greater confidence, and warmth, giving your baby the best possible start in life.

You can download a taster for this course now and see how effective this course could be in support of your baby’s early years development.

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In adapting our courses for online learning, we have captured some of these conversations in short sound bites, so that you too can share those experiences. We have also built in techniques using a variety of media to match how the brain works.

We are delighted that Channel 4 and the ‘I am Your Child Foundation’ have granted us permission to show some amazing footage from their productions in the How Babies Learn course. ‘Baby It’s You’ illustrates the processes and developmental stages in a growing brain, and ‘The First Years Last Forever’, produced by the American filmmaker, Rob Reiner, includes fascinating interviews with some of the world’s top paediatricians and neurologists,

We have included questionnaires and personal reflection tasks, so that you can become more familiar with how your own brain works, and what makes you tick, before considering the similarities between yourself, your family and friends. This will help you to understand what your baby will be going through.

How Babies Learn is a 6 session downloadable e-learning course. This version is accredited with the Gateway Qualification. Each session takes an hour, on average, with additional time needed to complete assignments. Support and feedback is available throughout the course. On successful completion of the set assignments you will receive a nationally recognised certificate issued by Gateway at Level 2.


I enjoyed this course – it has made me more aware of why babies do particular things now. I know more about the developmental stages.

Really helpful to learn about my brain and how I learn and how this will influence my baby’s development.

This course has had a lasting impression and inspired me to learn more about the brain – I am now studying Psychological Development and Early Childhood.

I was amazed to learn on my course that in every single minute of pregnancy, the baby will make 1/4 of a million (250,000) brain cells!

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