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How Children Learn.

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A tried and tested approach to help you engage with your child

How Children Learn is fun and fascinating. It explores how each child learns differently as they grow and develop.

The priorities of lesson-based learning take over as children enter schooling age – with reading, spelling, maths and homework – a real pressure point for parents as well as children.

The How Children Learn course will help parents find the very best techniques to engage with their child’s seeking mind, so that they can get the most out of their time in formal and informal education. This course will show how parents can motivate and encourage new behaviour, skills and knowledge.

If your child fidgets and never seems to be able to keep still, maybe they are a Kinaesthetic or physical learner – often things as simple as letting them do more animated activities will transform their learning experience and build up their confidence.

How Children Learn will encourage, motivate and help your child develop from 18 months to any age. Get to know how your child ticks and sign up now for our next face-to-face course.



I used to get cross when my children made a mess and would just walk away. After the course they tidy up in a way that they think is easy and fun – it came so naturally.

My fussy grandson made every mealtime a nightmare, causing such family arguments. After this course, I helped him learn how to enjoy his food and now we all look forward to eating together. I even get extra hugs from him when I go to visit now!

Visual prompts worked for Helen – she papered her room with Post-Its and camped out in bed to work on her degree.

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