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How Teens Learn.

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Learning to cherish those teenage years.

Between the ages of 12 and 24 years our brains undergo tremendous development and change that dramatically affects our capacity to think, feel and behave. Our teenage years can be the best years of our lives, as well as a bewilderingly rapid period of unprecedented change and emotional turmoil.

As parents the teenage years often introduce a pronounced change in their child’s character, which does impact upon family life in many ways.

New found trust and independence mark the adolescent’s path toward adulthood, at a time when their ability to recognise expressions of disapproval or assess dangerous situations actually decreases.

How Teens Learn will take you on a journey exploring the potential for these developmental changes and how they might impact upon your lives as a family. 

You will gain the know-how to help your child enjoy a smoother transition as they move through their high school years into adulthood forming new relationships and dealing with strong, often contradictory emotions. You will discover how your teenagers can be lovely human beings too!



We completely changed how my daughter felt about learning to read, we thought she was dyslexic, but she is doing so well now.

I helped my 15 year old with ADHD to change her morning routine, so now we don’t fight.

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